Wrap Around Pad Med 3/4


Left WRAP AROUND Size: MED 3/4" Get the MAX coverage. This special design is for added protection for falls that may be unexpected in training while spinning and jumping. Mostly used on Axel Jumps up to Triple / Quad jumps and multi change Spins. *Pads help to absorb Impact force. *Shields body from most sports related Impact injuries. Help with bruising & long term abuse to the body, keeps you training longer. *APPROVED BY SKATERS OF ALL LEVELS* Instruction of use: Pad just slips in to your tights, bike shorts or any tight fitting garment. Easy to use & remove. Wont Slip & Slide, place where you need it most. If wet after use lay flat to air dry. Warning: VERY POPULAR ***If left sitting alone this pad may walk away ;0) Made in the USA!!!